If you have any queries or questions for Tweets of the Trade you will likely find the answer in our FAQ's below or our Terms and Conditions.



I'm signing up but my account keeps getting deleted There's more stuff below about this. Basically unless you enter details that look like they belong to a professional business, and we can use those details to find you in a business reference search, then we will delete the account. Make sure the business name and trading style are correct, that the address is the registered trading address of the business, partnership or your home address if a sole trader. Make sure you have entered your correct website address and that that website carries your business details correctly.

What details do you pass to homeowners? When you buy a lead we will pass all the details in your profile to the homeowner. You should ensure this is up-to-date and correct. We cannot pass leads to companies anonymously so this profile is compulsory and any companies with bogus information will be removed from the database and unable to make purchases.
The lead will contain full name and address details, email address and a secure call number and PIN code. This is to protect the homeowner from unwanted calls. The customer will see your telephone number as the caller-id.

I signed up - when do I get my free lead? When you sign up the system will send you an email that asks you to confirm the email address is correct. If you find that, and add noreply@tweetsofthetrade.co.uk to your whitelist that will help ensure you receive our emails. Then we'll look at the details you've provided and see if we can find you. If you've provided a valid active website address and company details and phone number that are a correct we'll usually get your free lead on there within a few hours. If the details you've provided don't allow us to locate you, or you haven't activated the account we'll delete it - so you can try again another day.

I signed up - but the page says the account needs activating? See the question above. We have sent an email with a link that needs clicking. If the email address you've provided isn't correct, or if your mail service is putting it into a spam folder then you'll need to speak to whoever handles your IT. If the account hasn't been activated after a few hours we'll delete it so you can have another go.

What happens if the lead I bought turns out to be no good? If you're expecting to be able to buy guaranteed appointments or sales DO NOT BUY OUR LEADS! Sales leads are details of human beings with normal busy lives and pressures. Not every one will be perfect for you.  If you understand this, then go ahead knowing what we can offer. What we sell is the details of a customer who, when the lead was qualified, gave permission on the telephone for up to 4 companies to phone them and arrange to visit and leave an accurate quotation. We're confident at this price enough leads will become appointments and sales to make Tweets of the Trade a profitable lead source for you just like it does for our hundreds of repeat customers.

Duplicates. If you buy leads from Price Engines through a Price Engines account ( or any other lead provider come to that ), and here from Tweets of the Trade, you may well get duplicates. You should use your own judgement about whether or not to buy leads from multiple sources, as Tweets of the Trade can't refund a lead once purchased. As soon as leads are purchased that opportunity is removed from the site. If you want to buy a duplicate lead to stop your competitor getting it - that's fine by us.

How old are your leads? A lead will arrive 72 hours after being qualified over the telephone, and 5 days later, is removed from the database and is no longer for sale.

What's with the leads marked "New", how old are they? For the first 48 hours of the lead's 6-day lifespan on the site, the leads are flagged "New" to help you identify the very best leads.

How are the leads qualified? All the homeowners listed have been spoken to on the telephone and have said that they're looking for quotes for the job listed and have given permission for up to 4 companies to contact them.

How are your leads so cheap? Other companies charge up to £50. Our lead service is extremely streamlined, simple and largely automated. The leads are this price BECAUSE there is no returns policy or guarantee. Leads arrive already telephone qualified and packaged for delivery. They're tweeted and added to our 'View Leads' page automatically, and purchasing is all done from your own online balance. Top your account up, and use that balance to pay for your leads. This keeps costs down and the savings are reflected in the price.

How do I return a lead? One of the reasons we can offer these premium leads at such a low price is because there is no process for lead returns - which is costly, resource heavy and time-consuming.  By operating a 'pay-as-you-go' service there is no commitment to continue using the service and purchasing any further leads - but we're confident our lead quality will keep you coming back for more.

What happens if I buy a lead and I can't contact the homeowner? Bummer. Maybe try calling again at a different time.  Every lead contains a number we have managed to call and speak to that homeowner on. If you can't get an answer then maybe you just need to call at a different time of the day. Or on a different day. Try calling from a different number maybe, or make sure you're not withholding Caller-id.  Emailing or texting the customer beforehand and telling them they can expect your call might also help. Incidentally the number one complaint from homeowners is companies not trying hard enough to make contact.

What happens if a customer cancels an appointment or isn't in? Double Bummer. There are things you can do to reduce this. Try calling the day before an appointment to confirm. Maybe send a SMS to remind the homeowner. Also double-check the address! It's not unheard of for people to knock on the wrong door while the customer waits in somewhere else.

What happens if I buy a lead and the customer won't let me quote? It's annoying, but it happens. People change their mind. People sometimes might just not like the sound of your voice. Who Knows. All these Leads are, are names and addresses and phone numbers of people who have told us they'd like companies to call them to arrange quotations. If you want names, addresses and phone numbers of people who fit this description, then that's what you have. If not, then this product probably isn't for you.

When I spoke to the customer the details on the lead don't match what I was told. It shouldn't happen that often, as the details on the lead are firstly provided by the homeowner, and then discussed on the telephone. Obviously if there are huge discrepancies, let us know! But as with all leads, customers can lie, change their mind, or mysteriously 'remember' something they forgot to tell anyone else about. The notes are there to help but they are only part of the picture. Please remember that the common thread is that these are customers who have provided us permission to ask you to call them about the product listed.

What happens if I upload credit and then decide I want it refunding? Simple - just drop us an email to questions@tweetsofthetrade.co.uk and we'll refund any unspent balance back to the card that made the payment and close the account. Any unspent bonus balance will be lost of course. When refunds are made we will raise a credit-note to allow you to balance your books.

What happens if the customer tells me they already have bought [insert product]? Not a lot. All we can promise is that this is someone who told US very recently that they want to get quotes. They may well have been quoted by someone else and bought from them within the 24 hours before they became available here.

But I'm really angry and still want my money back... Relax. If we have made a mistake; If we have passed you details of someone who didn't tell us on the phone that they'd like us to find them people to quote them, or if we've somehow otherwise messed up then we'll happily and promptly refund you the lead cost and learn from that mistake. Email support@tweetsofthetrade.co.uk if you think this is the case. We usually sort issues out within a few hours.
If you have bought a lead without having read these plain-English explanations of what you're buying and STILL want a refund, we won't argue and will refund it. We all make mistakes; but once is sufficient.

You said this lead was exclusive but the customer says they've had other calls! Unfortunately we can't stop customers making enquiries elsewhere. The faster you spot the leads on the site and the faster you contact them, the less often this will happen.

Can I receive email alerts about leads? Yes. If you click here and enter your email address you will receive our daily digest of leads currently available.

What's the deal with this 'bonus balance' thing? As a thank-you to loyal customers who take a number of leads and upload £250 or more at a time, we add bonus credit onto your account to spend on leads.This effectively brings the cost per lead down. This balance can only be spent on leads so is non-refundable.

Can I view all leads available in my area or for my product? Yes. If you follow @TweetoftheTrade on Twitter, you can click on the hashtags of the lead tweets and view all tweets tagged with the same hashtag (for example #Biomass or #Lincoln). Alternatively you can view all leads currently available by clicking 'View Leads' at the top of the Tweet of the Trade website and click on the table headings to sort the leads in that order (for example, clicking 'Town' will sort all leads by Town).

How do I get more leads? Unfortunately our lead supply is finite and relies on our suppliers such as  premium lead provider Price Engines Ltd. You can try looking further afield in postcodes further than you usually work, but if you want more leads than Tweets of the Trade can provide then you will need to contact Price Engines directly and pick up the leads before we do.

I want to sign up but I don't have a website. A website is an essential business tool. If you don't have a website then we don't feel confident enough to recommend your business to our customers.

I signed up but now my account is marked as 'disabled'. WTF! No. WAM - What a Muppet. You opened multiple accounts under different names trying to get free leads. This is what happens when people do that. Our leads are too good for you and we don't want to waste our homeowners' time passing their details to non-professional traders.


Still have questions?

You can email: questions@tweetsofthetrade.co.uk and we'll be back in touch very quickly.  This is an internet-based clearance service and to be able to provide these leads at these prices we aren't able to man telephones all the time. Email is always the best way to contact us.