What's in the box?

All the homeowners listed have been spoken to on the telephone and have said that they’re looking for quotes for the job listed and have given permission for up to 4 companies to contact them.

We will supply the full name and contact details (Telephone No(s), Email address, Home Address) of someone who has been spoken to on the telephone, and who has provided permission to have their details passed on to you.

We can guarantee this is what the lead details will be. What happens after you buy the lead is up to you. We can't guarantee the homeowner will answer your calls, and we can't guarantee that you'll get a chance to quote every one. It's a lottery ticket - not a guaranteed prize!

Fast and efficient

As soon as you buy a lead, our system displays the customer details on the screen and at the same time emails you a full copy along with your invoice.

At the same time we email the homeowner your details so they know to expect a call from you. This is why we use PayPal as a payment method, it saves you entering your details every time you buy a lead and provides the Homeowner with the security of the validation of your details that is done by PayPal.

See the List of Leads currently available.